“We have two Catahoula mix dogs which are very smart ‘working’ or ‘cattle herding’ dogs.

I first met Emily at the dog park and was amazed at how well-behaved her dogs were. We started training with her and the results were dramatic. One of the biggest lessons I learned personally was to be consistent. Dogs need consistency. Emily worked with us on basic commands and how to make our dogs comfortable with other dogs. That was very important. Whenever she ran into a particular behavior technique that didn’t work she just calmly switched to a different technique.

Emily is great problem solver. If she wasn’t in this line of work Emily could be a fantastic personal coach. She’s enthusiastic, always upbeat, and has an amazing toolkit of different ideas that work. We also had a last-minute family emergency and asked Emily to take the dogs for the weekend. They loved it. We were very happy. It was great. I highly recommend Emily to every dog owner I know.”

Lisa, Walnut Creek, CA

“My dog Otis is 1/2 Catahoula and 1/2 Border Collie and comes from the same litter as the dog owned my neighbor, Lisa Ricketts. Emily worked with both of us and our puppies at the same time for some joint training sessions starting when they were 12 weeks old and it was great. We worked on basic commands and specifically teaching the puppies how to get along with other dogs. It was wonderful.

Emily has a great knowledge and feel for training all types of dogs and all types of ages. She understands what motivates them and how to best change in their behaviors in a very positive way. Otis had a particular problem being afraid of men and Emily worked with him and even recruited men right out there on the walking trail at Lafayette Reservoir to interact with him and make him feel comfortable. It was just amazing and worked beautifully. I highly recommend Emily and PetDogUSA to everyone.”

Susie, Walnut Creek, CA

“You’ll have to pardon my language but when I was first given my little ‘Charlie’ everything seemed to be just ‘poop and pee.’ He’s a Bichon Frise, the cutest thing, a little white furry ball. But he was just eight weeks old and wasn’t house trained and it was just awful. I haven’t had a dog in over 30 years and I’m elderly and I just didn’t know what to do with him. It was so frustrating.

Emily came to my rescue. She has such a wonderful way with dogs. She took Charlie for a month. She first taught him how to use a litter box which was amazing. And now I’m working with him on going outside. It’s an ongoing process and we’re working at it.

Charlie is also so tiny it would be a big problem taking him for a walk if he walked in front of me or caused me to trip or stumble. That’s a big fear for older people. So that’s something else we’re working on. I’m getting much more comfortable taking him out in the neighborhood.

Little Charlie is such a joy and I thank Emily for all of her great work with both of us.”

Barbara, Lafayette, CA

“I received ‘Harley’ as a Christmas gift from my daughter when he was 2 months old. He’s a Min Pin/Chihuahua mix, a small dog, and controlling him was a huge problem. In addition, my 91-year-old mother-in-law lives with us, my 17-old-year son is looking at colleges, I work part-time from home, we have a major remodel going on and my husband travels most of the time. Combining all of these distractions PLUS taking Harley to obedience classes that just didn’t help his behavior, I was completely frustrated and didn’t have the time or patience or knowledge to train him.

Fortunately I found Emily who agreed to board and train Harley for a month. The results were truly amazing. Her knowledge and problem-solving abilities are incredible. She has a great way with animals and with people. We even took Harley to the dog park for the first time after his training and it was an absolute joy. He had a great time playing with the other dogs, and we were really able to relax and enjoy ourselves knowing he had the training we needed to keep him safe.

At home, he listens to his commands, and doesn’t bark the way so many small dogs do. Almost everyone who comes to the house has commented on it! If he does bark to alert me, he listens the moment I give him the command to stop! All in all, he’s a real joy for our whole family.

It’s also very comforting to know that Emily makes regular visits with her board and train dogs during the month they are boarding and then provides ongoing follow-up visits and training support. It’s nice to know she’s available whenever I may need her. Little Harley is one of the best gifts ever and we owe it all to the great work Emily did. She’s a real professional and did a fantastic job for us.”

Sally, Danville, CA

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