Board & Train Packages

Three Week Basic Obedience Board and Train Package

A Board And Train package is perfect for the busy family who’s pup is growing up faster than you can keep up with training, a pup who has started getting off track with socialization or other bad behavior, or for clients who just want to get off to the right start with a new dog or pup and know that their training needs are covered. When we take dogs in on board and train, your basic training needs are covered for life. If you encounter problems down the road, or if any training is not completed to your satisfaction, we are here to fix it.

Duration: 21 days
Location: Boarding, In-Home, and Real World settings
Length of Course: 3 weeks
Pup-skills Taught: Vocal cues for Sit, Down, Place, Wait/Stay (or long Sit), Come/Here, Loose Leash Walking, Informal Heel, Off (stop doing whatever you are doing), On-Your-Bed.
Problem-behavior Addressed: No Jumping, No Pulling, No Biting, No Door Dashing, No Counter Surfing, and “No” anything else your precious pup can come up with that is destructive, dangerous, or just plain annoying!
Theory and Owner-skills Taught: Reward Based Training, Classical and Operant Conditioning, Luring, Leash Pressure, When and How to Correct your Dog.
Ongoing Support: Unlimited In-Home training sessions with your Pet Dog USA trainer, Unlimited training support on basic commands included in the program. Waived on-boarding fee at The Tail Haven Hotel and Day Lounge and with our Active Dog Day Adventure program.
Cost: $2500

For more information on our Board and Train Packages please call us at 925-298-5200 or email our front desk at

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