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Hello San Francisco! My name is Emily Ronnow and I am the proud owner of Pet Dog USA.  As a true San Francisco native I am so excited to be here in the Bay Area doing what I love best!  Dog training has become just about my single passion and mission in life to help my fellow dog lovers make sense of the world of dog training.  For better or worse, there is a huge glut of information out there these days about dog training, and if you’ve had your pup for long, you’ve probably realized by now that everyone has an opinion about what is “right” for you and your dog.  While each of these individuals may have the best of intentions. The simple fact is that while we are all entitled to an opinion, not ALL opinions are equal!

The sad truth is there is when it comes to dog training in San Francisco, there is a great deal of wrong information, and horribly bad advise out there.  In the wrong hands, with the wrong dog, circumstances, and/or timing, this sort of advice can actually do more harm for you and your beloved pet than good.  I do believe there are no “right” or “wrong” approaches to training necessarily, but there are always some ideas that are better than others!   This means there are almost always certain methods, tools, and approaches which may (or may NOT) be more safe, effective, efficient, and/or appropriate for you and your dog based on the temperaments, issues, motivations, and circumstances involved in your training.  By teaching theory and helping my clients understand the “why” and “how” of training, it allows us to take into account all the various aspects of each individual dog and client situation, the breed of the dog, individual temperament, upbringing, personality, household setting, and perhaps most importantly, the humans involved in the situation . . .  all of which are relevant and important in enabling you to make realistic and lasting changes in your environment to ensure a rewarding and nourishing life-long relationship between you and your dog.

San Francisco Dog Training

In short, I consider it my job to help my clients understand how learning takes place and what your options as an owner are.  Pet Dog USA has been providing dog training services in San Francisco for quite some time. Whether you are dealing with potty training, basic obedience, or something more serious, ultimately our job is to empower you to make the best decisions you can for your household and your pet.  With the right information, education, and solid foundation in theory, you can learn to make sense of all that advise coming your way, have more confidence in the boundaries and expectations you set within your own home, and get back to what it’s really all about . . . loving and enjoying life with your dog!

The best way I have found to do this is to teach you the theory and back it up with solid, efficient, and effective dog training in San Francisco.   This is why I love providing in-home and real-world dog training services here in San Francisco . . . it allows me to come to you and train with you and your dog right where it really matters; in the spaces and places you frequent most within San Francisco!

There really isn’t anything we can’t help you fix, but here are a few of our most frequent requests:  leash pulling, jumping up, potty training, barking, reactivity and/or aggression toward people or dogs, counter surfing, biting, chewing, digging, inappropriate prey drive (aka chasing things that could end badly for your pup-pup like bicycles, skateboards, cars, etc).  Here are some more ideas of the types of dog training services I focus on with various clients in San Francisco:

  • Dog training in San Francisco:

Grooming basics, learning to be handled, establishing pack structure in the household, setting expectations for dogs and children, in home assessment and private consulting on daily logistics for your individual puppy and family – (this is where you get to ask ALL those questions)

  1. Like where should the crate go?
  2. Do we have to have a crate?
  3. If so how often and when do we use it?
  4. What about the doggie door?
  5. Should I have a doggie door?
  6. Do I need to teach my dog to swim if I have a pool?
  7. Is it okay for the puppy to chase the kids?
  8. How do I stop puppy from biting?
  9. Are there unknown hazards are lurking in my back yard?
  10. Can a puppy sleep with me?
  11. Can a puppy sleep with my kids?

We can also start covering foundations of learning, and basic commands such as sit, down, place, stay (or long sit), recall (come/here), and loose leash walking with even the youngest of puppies.   The most important thing about dog training is to keep your expectations in line with the developmental maturity of your pup!  We can help you with that as well.

  • Potty training in San Francisco:  

It is true there are no shortcuts in potty training, but I can support you through in home consulting in San Francisco, help you understand how this process takes place from a learning perspective, and get you set up with the best plan and tools to get your puppy through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible!

  • Obedience Training in San Francisco:

Covering all the basics and any custom commands you’d like your dog to know.  Adult obedience is offered in both in-home one-on-one sessions, and board and train programs in San Francisco depending on the needs of the dog and/or your goals as a client.

  • Behavioral Programs in San Francisco:

Our behavioral modification programs will help with behavioral problems such as aggression, fearfulness and separation anxiety in San Francisco.   These are highly customized programs which typically consist of a combination of 2 or 3 weeks of “exposure therapy” in a board and train setting, followed up with a number of private in-home training sessions with the owner, and a plan for ongoing support.  These types of programs are offered and quoted based on what will best benefit you and your dog. Please reach out to me (Emily) directly if you would like to discuss the possibility of enrolling your pup in this sort of dog training in San Francisco.

Lastly, as a local dog trainer in San Francisco, I am excited to share with you some of my favorite locations in our lovely city! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about any of these specific locations. The table below lists local ordinances and leash laws applicable to various neighborhoods in San Francisco for your reference:

Dog Park Name


Notes on Park

Leash Law Info

Golden Gate ParkBetween Sunset and RichmondOne of the nicest parks in the United States and has over 1000 acres of land to walk your dog.Dogs must be on leash unless you’re in the following areas:1. Southeast section between Lincoln Way, King Drive and 2nd and 7th Avenues;2. Northeast section at Stanyan and Grove Streets;3. Southcentral area between King Drive, Middle Drive, and 34th and 38th Avenues;4. Fenced training area at 38th Ave. and Fulton.
Stern Grove Dog ParkSunset

This is a big dog park located inside Stern Grove. There are many trails and grass for dogs and humans to enjoy.This is a leash free dog park in the north side of the park.
Dolores ParkMissionBeautiful park that’s filled with plenty of people. It’s dog friendly and you’ll most likely find plenty of dogs running around without a leash.This is a leash free dog park.
Mission Creek Dog ParkMission BayThis is a fabulous new dog park located just outside of AT&T park. It’s usually not too crowded and has nice grassy area.Dogs are allowed off leash in the enclosed area.
Upper Douglass Dog ParkDiamond HeightsThis is a fenced park that isn’t too crowded with a great atmosphere.This is a leash free dog park.
Corona Heights ParkCorona HeightsBeautiful park located just close to Randall Museum.This is a leash free dog park.
Glen Canyon ParkGlen ParkThis is a 70 acre hidden canyon in Glen Park. It is a nice oasis good for hiking and dogs, which are allowed off leash to enjoy it with you.Leashes are required at this dog park.

Dog training in San Francisco is a process that begins with a trusted relationship between you and your canine companion. Each time your dog interacts with you or their environment, they are learning something. These are your moments of opportunity to shape behavior.  Let us help you make the most of life with your pup! If you’d like to learn more about our dog training services in San Francisco contact us here.

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