Professional Dog Training in Sonoma County

Pet Dog USA serves clients in cities and towns throughout Sonoma County. As such, we have compiled a variety of useful information for dog owners in Napa and Sonoma related to dog parks, leash laws, and more. Here’s a list of some of the dog training services we offer in Sonoma:

  • Puppy training in Sonoma County:

Grooming basics, learning to be handled, establishing pack structure in the household, setting expectations for dogs and children, in home assessment and private consulting on daily logistics for your individual puppy and family – (this is where you get to ask ALL those questions . . . like where should the crate go?  Do we have to have a crate?  If so how often and when do we use it?  What about the doggie door?  Should I have a doggie door?  Do I need to teach my dog to swim if I have a pool?  Is it okay for the puppy to chase the kids?  How do I stop puppy from biting?  Are their unknown hazards are lurking in my back yard?  Can puppy sleep with me?  Can puppy sleep with my kids? Etc.).  We can also start covering foundations of learning, and basic commands such as sit, down, place, stay (or long sit), recall (come/here), and loose leash walking with even the youngest of puppies.   The most important thing about puppy training is to keep your expectations in line with the developmental maturity of your pup!  We can help you with that as well.

  • Potty training in Sonoma County:  

It is true there are no shortcuts in potty training, but I can support you through in home consulting, help you understand how this process takes place from a learning perspective, and get you set up with the best plan and tools to get your puppy through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible!

  • Obedience Training in Sonoma County:

Covering all the basics and any custom commands you’d like your dog to know.  Adult obedience is offered in both in-home one-on-one sessions, and board and train programs depending on the needs of the dog and/or your goals as a client.

  • Behavioral Programs in Sonoma County:

Our behavioral modification programs will help with behavioral problems such as aggression, fearfulness and separation anxiety.   These are highly customized programs which typically consist of a combination of 2 or 3 weeks of “exposure therapy” in a board and train setting, followed up with a number of private in-home training sessions with the owner, and a plan for ongoing support.  These types of programs are offered and quoted based on what will best benefit you and your dog. Please reach out to me (Emily) directly if you would like to discuss the possibility of enrolling your pup in this sort of training.



Dog Park Name

Leash Law Info

Glen EllenSonomaElizabeth Anne Perrone Dog ParkDogs are allowed off leash in the acre plus fenced area.
SonomaSonomaSonoma Dog ParkDogs are allowed off leash in the fenced area.
SebastopolSonomaRagle Ranch Regional ParkDogs must be on a 6 foot leash at all times, except at the Animal Care Center Dog Park, where they are allowed off leash.

Sonoma County: You can take your dog anywhere with you on a leash, except in parks that prohibit pets. Most state and county parks allow pets, but not the parks within the Sonoma city limits including the central Sonoma Plaza.


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