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Working With Nervous, Fearful, and Fear Biting Dogs

February 7, 2015   |   6 Comments

Recently a good friend and respected colleague of mine was asked to evaluate a young German Shepherd for possible re-homing through her rescue organization. The dog was a 7 month old female who has never shown any kind of aggression, but is submissive urinating when her handler tries to put her on leash. More »

Dealing with Dominance and Aggression

December 24, 2013   |   No Comments

Pet Dog USA believes many dominant and aggressive dogs can learn to function positively in a family home with the proper leadership and training. Our approach to dominant and aggressive dogs is built upon the experience of seasoned breeders and handlers who have made a lifetime of living with, rehabilitating, More »

A Helping Hand for Anxious and Nervous Dogs

December 24, 2013   |   No Comments

At Pet Dog USA we understand living with and overly anxious or nervous dog can be hard on the whole family. This is especially true if that anxiety leads to aggression. We also believe anxiety and nervousness in dogs can be dramatically improved – if not resolved – by introducing good management More »

Keeping your active pup COOL on hot summer days!

December 24, 2013   |   No Comments

Summer temperatures are definitely rising! Did you know dogs don’t sweat like humans do? The only way our pups have to regulate body temperature is through panting. Another big part of how our pups keep cool is by conserving energy and NOT being too active. So for all of my fellow active-dog-owners, More »

Want to know how to keep your dog safe around the backyard pool? Show them where the stairs are!

December 24, 2013   |   No Comments

While it may seem surprising to some, one of the most commonly overlooked dangers I face in private training has to do with keeping a new dog safe around the backyard pool. When I bring up pool safety to clients for the first time, the thought is often met with a slightly bewildered look, and then a More »

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