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Meet Emily Ronnow

Pet Dog USA was founded with the belief that our local pet dog owners and their pups are clever, busy creatures, who deserve the absolute best. Emily’s passion for applied behavioral theory, communication, and her logical style of teaching truly helps her clients to better understand the dogs they live with. Working with Emily you will learn why some of the training approaches you may have tried before have worked while others have not; how behaviors are motivated and reinforced in your beloved pup in the first place, and what your options are for addressing any remaining behavior issues and/or training goals within your household.

Emily holds a Master degree in Communication Studies from California State University Chico, is a graduate and ongoing student at the Michael Ellis School of Dog Training, a Full Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and is the proud owner and full time manager of Pet Dog USA’s growing Active Dog Day Adventure program, founded in 2011.  She currently resides in Walnut Creek, CA with her four dogs Chance, Rhodi, Disa, and Lapita, Dad’s dog Mia, and three very tolerant and amusing cats.